Holiday Paintball Games!

Oakleigh Paintball Games
Come one, come all

Oakleigh Paintball center is running sessions daily these Holidays, there is no minimum group size to play!

You can bring a mate or bring a group, either way you will have a blast. Just choose your session time from the list on the right and book yourself in.

Weekend sessions are also running as per normal, for a weekend session click here to check availability.

These session are for Adult Paintball games (ages 16+).
To view Splatball session times (Junior Paintball) click here
holiday games
Weekend session run as normal.
To check availability click here
2:15pm Monday
8th April
2:15pm Tuesday
9th April
2:15pm Wednesday
10th April
2:15pm Thursday
11th April
2:15pm Friday
12th April
2:15pm Monday
15th April
2:15pm Tuesday
16th April
2:15pm Wednesday
17th April
2:15pm Thursday
18th April