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Little River Paintball Packs

When you arrive at the paintball center your group will have the ability to choose from our 2 paintball options, either Recruits or Special Forces. All our paintball sessions at Little River run for 4 hours.

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Geelong Pricing Options

Paintball Geelong Ammo Packs

To confirm your booking we simple collect a $20 deposit per player to hold your place on the field and so we can organise referees to run your game. Your deposit is then deducted from the price of your paintball pack and gear hire on the day of play.

So if your groups selects the Recruits pack on the day it will be $20 when booking + $29 on the day = $49 in total.

Or if they grab the Special Forces option and you choose the 600 paintball pack it would be $20 when booking + $79 on the day = $99 in total.