Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about how their paintball session works. If you have a different question that you would like to ask us please either call us on 1300 66 16 50 or email us through the contact us page.

1. Do we need to book in or can we just turn up on the day?
You do need to book in prior to playing to allow us to arrange referees to run your game, customer service staff and all the equipment hire.

2. Can we take our own paintballs?
No, you are not permitted to take your own paintballs to any of our fields.

3. Do the paintball sites open 7 days a week?
Yes, all our paintball sites are open 7 days a week; however some paintball sites will only open during the week if you have a certain amount of players.
Please either go to the Contact Us page or call us directly on 1300 66 16 50.

4. Is there a minimum / maximum age limit?
Paintballing in Australia is controlled by the police in each state and therefore each state has a different minimum age requirement. The minimum ages to play are as follows:
• ACT – 16
• VIC – Paintball - 16
• VIC – Splatball - 8
• NSW – 16
• QLD – 15
• SA – 12
• WA - 12
In states where you are able to play under 18, any players under the age of 18 years will be require to have a parent or guardian sign a consent form. Please ensure you abide by these age limits as each field will request ID on the day of play for anyone who is (or looks) under the age of 18.

5. Can I arrive later than the given time?
No, players who arrive late at any of our paintball sites will miss the safety briefing. It is a requirement of playing paintball that you attend the safety briefing and hence arriving late may result in you being unable to play and forfeiting your deposit.

6. When should we make our paintball booking?
We request that you book at least 2 weeks in advance from your playing date. We often book out some fields so to avoid disappointment then the earlier you book the more chance you have to secure the times and dates you want to play. If you leave it to the last minute and wish to book close to the playing date, please call our booking office on Ph. 1300 66 16 50 and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

7. How long does a paintballing day last?
Depending on which field you are playing at a typical paintballing day will last for around 2 – 4 hours.

8. Do we still play paintball if it is raining?
Yes, paintball is an all weather sport. Many people prefer Paintball in the rain as it adds to the adventure and is awesome fun so leave your umbrella at home and bring some good sturdy footwear. You shouldn't have to worry about your clothing as you are issued with paintball gear.

9. Is there an area at the paintball site for spectators?
Some fields allow you to view a couple of fields however not all fields. At our Oakleigh field you can view all areas and watch whilst having a cappuccino.

10. What happens if a paintball player does not turn up?
If a player does not turn up on the day of play without notifying us then they will forfeit their deposit. As mentioned above the deposit guarantees your spot, by booking with us we will employ staff to run your group on the day. If you cancel some of your players or your entire group more than 10 days before playing we will fully refund your money. Paintballs are strictly nontransferable.

11. Can I use my own paintball equipment?
Each field has a different policy and you need to call World Series Paintball booking centre to check -
Ph. 1300 66 16 50.

12. Is proof of age required for children at the paintball site?
Yes. The paintball fields do require proof of age especially if the player is close to the age limit. Fields will not risk losing their license due to under age players.

13. What kind of clothing/footwear do we wear on the day?
Obviously it depends on the weather, but we recommend you bring layers of warm comfortable clothes so that you can wear as much, or as little as the weather demands.

You will be running around so wear sturdy but comfortable footwear. Strictly no sandals or thongs, only closed toe footwear can be worn.

14. What do we need to bring with us to the paintball site?
You must bring your booking confirmation and your ID. If you have booked in using any type of tickets or coupons then you must also bring them along on the day. Some suitable clothing depending on the weather, as well as some sturdy and comfortable footwear, and a fun attitude!

15. Do paintball sites have storage for valuables?
Some of our paintball sites do have storage facilities for valuables but we recommend that you bring the least amount of valuables. Our paintball sites will not take responsibility for any valuables that you decide to bring.
Our Oakleigh site has lockers for $3 for 4 hours just enter your own pin number for re-entry.

16. Do paintball sites have showers?
Some of our paintball sites do have showers facilities, but not all of them. For more information about a specific paintball site please phone our booking office.

17. Do paintball sites accept credit cards?
Yes, all of our paintball sites are equipped with credit card facilities. Most major credit cards are accepted at the paintball site.

18. Can we take alcohol on site to the paintball venue?
To play paintball you need to have no alcohol in your system (0.00%). Some venues allow you to bring alcohol on site for after your game and some locations are actually licenced to save you the hassle. Just check the policy for the individual location when booking.

19. How do I get to the paintball site via public transport?
Oakleigh is located next to Huntingdale Train Station. Other Paintball sites are not accessible via public transport. We do provide you with directions to our paintball sites when you make a booking.

20. How many players are there on a paintball field?
For an action packed game we aim for 20-30 players on a field. This can be a combination of smaller groups added together or one larger group.

21. Will I be able to play on the same team as my friends?
You and your friends will play on the same field together. Some of your friends will be on the same team and some will be on the team you are versing so you can enjoy shooting them a few times.

22. How can we pay for additional paintballs on the day?
Additional paintballs can be purchased at the paintball site on the day of the event with cash, EFTPOS or via credit card. Some of our fields offer bulk packages that represent the best value for your additional paintballs.

23. Is there a limit to how many people can book?
No, bring as many people as you want but please remember that all paintball bookings are subject to availability.