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What about your mates?

VIP Card Holders

You can obviously sniff out a good deal, congratulations. World Series Paintball VIP Cards are the cheapest way of playing paintball in Australia, giving you heaps and heaps of bonus paintballs.

What you get:


Your Entry + Gear Hire

Valued at




Your 400 paintball Starter Pack

Valued at




11 x Guest Entry + Equipment Hire

Valued at




11 x 100 Bonus Paintball
(100 paintballs per player you bring - up to 11 players)

Valued at




Total Savings




What about my mates?

Each of your mates simply purchase a starter pack of paintballs. The starter packs start from 200 paintballs which is just $40 or players can select a larger paintball pack for further savings.

Can I share my paintballs?

You betcha can! We suggest giving them to your mates out the end of your gun and splat them on the butt, or you can simply hand them to them. It's your choice.

Participating Locations

Your VIP Tickets are valid at any of the following locations:


E Oakleigh World Series Paintball
B Little River World Series Paintball

C Blacktown World Series Paintball
D Kulnura World Series Paintball
F Moama World Series Paintball

E Baldivis World Series Paintball

How To Book

When you are booking simply prepay a deposit per person to reserve your session. Your deposit is then deducted from each players paintball starter pack on the day of play.

Locations Minimum Starter Pack Deposit Amount on the Day
Oakleigh 200 paintballs $40 $20 Per Player $20 Per Player
Little River 200 paintballs $40 $20 Per Player $20 Per Player
Blacktown 200 paintballs $40 $40 Per Player $0 Per Player
Kulnura 200 paintballs $40 $40 Per Player $0 Per Player
Moama 200 paintballs $40 $40 Per Player $0 Per Player
Baldivis 200 paintballs $40 $25 Per Player $15 Per Player

Unfortunately purchased other Paintball Tickets?

Please be aware that there are other VIP Cards in the market place from other companies that are nowhere near the value of World Series Paintballs offer (in some cases they may actually save you nothing). If you unfortunately bought those tickets rather than World Series Paintball's VIP Cards give us a call and we will still honor your tickets, upgrading you to our VIP deal.